How to Claim the Refund / Exchange?

If you fail your money is fully secure as AZplus offers AZplus Guarantee Policy. But you must remember that before claiming the guarantee all of the downloaded materials must be deleted and all copies of AZplus materials must be destroyed; otherwise you cannot claim your money refunding.

If you want to claim AZplus Refund/Exchange Policy, you must submit the Report in PDF format within seven days of Test along with a filled in Refund Form Or Exchange Form to us. After verifying the authenticity of documents submitted, Billing Team will then arrange the refund within 7 days after they receive the email and verify the documentations through a proper process*.

Give it a try and you will lose nothing! There is ABSOLUTELY NO RISK!

* The guarantee offered by AZplus applies only to single-user licenses purchased directly from AZplus.

In What Situation Can I Claim The Refund? 
Every AZplus users are entitled with full refund if he/she fails the corresponding course on first attempt in 30 days after the purchase of our product, or access another one free course as compensation instead of refund in 90 days

Note: The money-back-guarantee is not applicable/valid in the following cases:

  • If the courses Failure occurs within 7 days after the purchasing date. We recommend our candidates a study time of 7 days to prepare for the course when they have purchased a AZplus study material. If the failure occurs within 7 days of purchase, your claim will be rejected on the basis of in-sufficient study of AZplus materials;
  • Wrong purchase. In case you have downloaded and installed the incorrect product, AZplus will not entertain any claims;
  • In case of Free course (does not matter if it is a failed or wrong choice);
  • In case of Expired order(s) (exceeding the limit of 90 days from the purchase date);
  • Retired courses (For those students who used our recent product to attend the course which is already retired);
  • All Study Guides. Audio Courses and Labs Preparations by AZplus are not covered by Guarantee so you can not make claim against them;
  • Products on sale (if you purchased the materials that are sold at a reduced price; or are given for free);
  • Different in the names (Candidate's name is different than the payer's name);
  • The refund policy is not valid for Bundles purchase and thus you can not claim the guarantee on Bundle purchases;
  • Outdated Course materials are not valid for claim. Candidates who use our outdated materials to attend the Course which is already updated by AZplus Team have no right to make Claims;
  • Guarantee policy does not apply on any package of Unlimited Access i.e. 2 months.