Avaya Self-Service Developer

Avaya Self-Service Developer

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You will need to set up an Avaya Customer Account (Avaya Support Portal)

You can download the Avaya Orchestration Designer (ISO) file from a google drive. (Send us an email).

Your own Avaya Orchestration Designer Toolset and PC Headset (optional, but recommended)

A Windows, Linux or Mac PC/Laptop

Includes Eclipse Framework for Java Developers


The Avaya Experience Portal and Orchestration Designer training enables organizations to understand and employ dynamic, real-time self-service treatments using Avaya Intelligent Customer Routing; to automate outbound services with Proactive Outreach Manager; and to leverage existing web applications to create compelling, new services

This Developer Training on Experience Portal includes:

  • Experience Portal media servers, concepts on which provide automation functionality such as terminating telephony sessions, interfacing to third-party multimedia services and the management of VoiceXML and CCXML sessions.

  • Experience Portal Manager, concepts which provides centralized operations, administration, management and provisioning interfaces for Experience Portal, Proactive Outreach Manager, Intelligent Customer Routing and other Avaya products.

  • Orchestration Designer, Developer tools which supports application development for Experience Portal and other Avaya self service platforms.

  • Application Execution Environment is a virtual environment where CCXML and VoiceXML applications developed using Orchestration Designer can be deployed and run.

  • Omni-channel Applications understand concepts to enhanced customer service experience by developing multi channel (email, SMS, voice) applications for self service.

  • Develop Self Service Applications Start Developing Applications from scratch for customer service experience by developing voice applications for self service with Orchestration Designer.

Who this course is for:

  • Anybody that wants to learn Telecom / Self Service and Artificial Intelligence